Update - new city launch!
Nov 15 2019

Over the last 2 days we have been working through the day and night to bring to you a fantastic update. We are
pleased to announce that from Friday 15th November server save the new City of Issavi will be implemented.

The city of Issavi is located on the island of Kilmaresh, which is found north-east of Krailos.It is reachable by
ship from Venore, Oramond, Darashia or Krailos and by Magic Carpet from any city with the service. This new city
will feature all spawns and no quests will be required for access.

After listening to player feedback we also decided to implement our Character Auctions option. Here you can buy and sell your characters from other players using a live auction bidding system and of course, a buy it now.

All details can be found on our Community page - https://www.pangeria.com/community/auctions.

As always, we dont stop fixing those little bugs that may pop up and continue to perfect the gameplay. Please see
below the most updated list;

Command !go is now working on Global arena
Fixed crashing client 12 on buying/selling many items
All Destruction weapons are now available to use from level 200
Added imbuement slot to Falcon coif
Fixed granting bonuses from daily reward
Fixed game store, from now it will deliver your item even if you don't have cap
Fixed speed of Plagirath monster
Cooldowns of Ultimate Terra Strike, Ultimate Ice Strike, Ultimate Flame Strike and Ultimate Energy Strike has been fixed
Added 'special' orc spawn that is dropping 'old and used backpack' - it spawning every 8 days (50% chance)
Fixed dialogs in npc Captain Haba

Patch notes
Nov 12 2019

Thank you once again for trusting us by playing Pangeria. We are really grateful - your activity motivate us to continue or hard work to provide you best gaming experience for you. Today we have beat another peak record of players online which has been established on 891 players.

Here is another list of bugfixes reported by you and tutors. Thank you for all of the reports which help us develop the server.

Fixed closing doors script for several doors
Fixed time of creature dying
You don't have to turn your character anymore to prevet kick from game, active client is enough
The damage dealt by each type of field has been improved
Corrected loot of Deepling bosses [Tanjis, Obujos and Jaul]
Fixed speed formula of creatures: Midnight Asura, Dawnfire Asura, Flying Book, Guardian of Tales, Biting Book, Energetic Book, Icecold Book, Brain Squid, Energuardian of Tales, Cursed Book, Burning Book, Librarian, Ink Blob, Squid Warden, Rage Squid, Crazed Summer Vanguard, Crazed Summer Rearguard, Crazed Winter Vanguard, Crazed Winter Rearguard, Soul-Broken Harbinger, Insane Siren, Thanatursus, Arachnophobica, Gazer Spectre, Ripper Spectre, Burster Spectre, Spiky Carnivor, Menacing Carnivor, Lumbering Carnivor, Lacewing Moth, Hibernal Moth, Deathling Scout, Deathling Spellsinger
Doors inside Cults of Tibia bosses are now fixed
Boosted creature will now give +50% more experience
From now owner and subowners of houses may exchange gold coins/platinum coins inside their homes
Display spells in client 12 has been fixed
War hammer should work on Rookgaard properly
Added new spells 'utani dis hur' for Rookstayers
Added 'gear crystal' to the loot of Worker Golem
Saving fight mode settings has been fixed
Fixed Cam System on client 12
From now Grand Master Oberon should react correctly to sentences you type
From now if you lost 'fine vase' during the Travelling Trader Quest you may buy it again
Fire bombs that you launched should no longer makes you PK if your character die
Vexclaw health, experience, speed and loot has been fixed
Hellflayer health, experience, loot, speed and attacks has been fixed
Grimeleech health, experience, loot, speed and attacks has been fixed
Undead Elite Gladiator attacks has been fixed
Skeleton Elite Warrior attacks has been fixed
Fixed Lloyd boss, from now it works as it should
Increased price of Inquisition blessings if you don't have a quest done [from 110 to 150k]
There will no longer be spawned more than 1 Kroazur in his main room
Added possibility to enchant weapons on Rookgaard
Orclops Ravanger & Orclops Doomhauler has been added to Prey list
Added Reinvigorating Seeds to loot from Orclops Ravanger and Orclops Doomhauler
Display effect of health/mana leech has been fixed

Daily update - Massive Team Event
Nov 09 2019

We are aware of the current status of our client 12 - having some bugs and adjustments required. Our plan
was to use Client 12 for the Arena's firstly but as it's become so popular in the main land we have decided to focus our efforts over the next few days to fix everything quickly and efficiently on Client 12.

Below is an updated list for issues that have been updated/fixed. You can also find all other fixed issues further down on our latest news. the Pangeria team is actively working on any other areas requiring attention.

Corrected teleports back from Lloyd waiting room
Corrected saving settings on client 12.00
From now stamina of premium account users will be regenerated in training monks
Children of the Revolution quest missions has been corrected
Added cash level rewards for levels: 30, 50 and 80.
Corrected entrance to War Golems in Yalahar
Added a few important informations to FAQ section in our webpage
Wereboar has no more invisible ability
Werewolf amulet will now decay immediately if refilled on amulet slot
Catacomb respawn has been fixed
Werefox is now keeping target in distance
Summer dream court respawn has been fixed
Deep in the desert skeleton spawn has been fixed
Fixed stamina regeneration reward from Daily Rewards

This evening at 20:00 CEST we will have our first Massive Team Battle Event. When you see the announcement you can enter by saying !warevent when standing in PZ and you will be teleported in. If your team wins this event you will receive
a 5% EXP BOOST for 12 hours and if you lose a 3% EXP BOOST.

We look forward to seeing you on our first big event, good luck!

Account Management
Rubini+72,581,472 exp
369, Elite Knight
Nenem+69,786,010 exp
368, Elder Druid
Rodrigobugado+68,770,860 exp
370, Master Sorcerer
Nattank+63,652,243 exp
359, Royal Paladin
Zbugowaniec Szlugar+58,375,132 exp
296, Royal Paladin
Indominus4 spectators
248, Elite Knight
Kadro3 spectators
19, Rookstayer
Ortens Parasit3 spectators
199, Master Sorcerer
Jadowity Pajak3 spectators
191, Master Sorcerer
Wojownik Magela2 spectators
145, Master Sorcerer
Server Status

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