Pangeria Client 10
(ZIP Package)
This is the only client guaranteed to be debug-free. Includes all latest mounts & outfits and items.
Pangeria Client 12
(ZIP Package)
Open client using file bin/client.exe.
Client dedicated to be used only in War Arena. Using this client your character benefits from 10% experience bonus.
By connecting to Pangeria server, you are agreeing that Pangeria is not responsible for any damages done to your computer through use of any program you are using. You are also agreeing that you are to be held fully legally responsible for any use of any program used to connect to Pangeria server. In the case that you are using the Tibia Client, created and copyrighted by CipSoft GmbH, Pangeria is not responsible for any legal issues that may arise between CipSoft GmbH and yourself.

Account Management
Rubini+72,581,472 exp
369, Elite Knight
Nenem+69,786,010 exp
368, Elder Druid
Rodrigobugado+68,770,860 exp
370, Master Sorcerer
Nattank+63,652,243 exp
359, Royal Paladin
Zbugowaniec Szlugar+58,375,132 exp
296, Royal Paladin
Hive Blablabla3 spectators
166, Elite Knight
Sir Flawless3 spectators
33, Knight
Lemon Silver Haze3 spectators
143, Royal Paladin
Xukan2 spectators
284, Elder Druid
Fuzjuszz2 spectators
100, Master Sorcerer
Server Status

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