Competitive Arena (1 team vs 1 team)
On our website at the guilds page, the leader can send an Arena war declaration to another guild with specified type of war - open, semi-open and close. Once the opposing guild accepts the declaration, one map will be automatically drawn from the pre-defined type of war.

Open: Carlin/Ab'Dendriel, Ankrahmun and Venore Desert
Semi-open: Liberty Bay, Yalahar, Svargrond and Darashia
Close: Thais, Carlin, Cormaya and Edron.

Competitive Arena Settings:
1. If player is above level 250 (the same applies to skills, if higher than 100):
the system will set you to level 250 and skill level 100.
2. If player is below level 250 (the same applies to skills, if lower than 100):
the system will keep your level and skills as they are.
3. The death penalty will not cause any loss of experience, but you will loose all of your blessings.
4. Supreme Health Potions, Ultimate Mana Potions or Ultimate Spirit Potions gives same amount of their lower versions. That means supreme health potions gives same amount of mana/health as ultimate health potion, ultimate mana potions gives same amount of mana as great mana potion and ultimate spirit potion gives same amount of mana/health as great spirit potion.
5. Equipment gives 50% of their damage abilities (excluding amulets and rings)
6. You must be in a guild to join.

If one of the teams has fewer players, they will be receiving a damage-boost consisting of a 2,5% increase for each player being a difference. For example, if there is a difference of 5 players between the guilds, then the team with fewer players will receive a total of 12,5% more damage. Your team may get maximum 25% more damage, that means boost is being counted till 10 players difference.

All these minor tweaks and fixes were made in order to produce a much fairer battle-environment for the arenas.

Account Management
Rubini+72,581,472 exp
369, Elite Knight
Nenem+69,786,010 exp
368, Elder Druid
Rodrigobugado+68,770,860 exp
370, Master Sorcerer
Nattank+63,652,243 exp
359, Royal Paladin
Zbugowaniec Szlugar+58,375,132 exp
296, Royal Paladin
Hive Blablabla3 spectators
166, Elite Knight
Zelek Here3 spectators
227, Master Sorcerer
Beluda Tasa2 spectators
148, Elder Druid
Hex2 spectators
122, Royal Paladin
Bussmicke2 spectators
154, Royal Paladin
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