Protection Level 50
Level to Houses 130 on main and 60 on rookgaard
Redskull Length: 24h, kills: 6 daily / 30 weekly / 60 monthly
Loot Rate 2.5x
Advances Rewards 30 level - 1 crystal coin
50 level - 2 crystal coins
80 level - 4 crystal coins
Stamina Regeneration Every 3 minutes while you are logged off, your character will gain 1 minute of stamina (green stamina 10:1), it deoesn't matter you are premium player or not. Premium players will receive stamina in every protection zone & online trainers while beign online.

All players, who gain 4th daily reward, will be rewarded with fastest stamina regeneration on every PZ and online trainers (2:1 instead of 3:1, 8:1 instead of 10:1)

Experience Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Skill Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Magic Stages
From LevelTo LevelMultiplier

Press right click on and use it on item that you want to add into your loot list. Do the same if you want to remove an item from list.
Items that you have added into your loot list will appear in .
Pangeria is a free to play massive multiplayer on-line role playing game. Players are able to enjoy the game, free of charges, for as long as they want. However, if you are having fun playing Pangeria, you might want to consider purchasing a premium account which may just extend your gaming experience to a whole new level.
Premium Benefits
You will take advantage of premium stamina, which gives 50% more experience yield from every monster.
You will be recovering your stamina in protection zones and online trainers (target dummy), way faster than being offline.
Thanks to having a premium account you will be able to purchase in-game houses.
Ability to wear premium outfits, addons & mounts.
Ability to sleep in beds which are located in houses.
Ferumbras' Ascension Quest The first access with demonic essences is the same, and the usage of teleportation rod is the same for every boss.
Any riddles or mini-bosses to proceed to lever rooms are no needed, just head directly to face The Ruthless Seven Minions, which can be repeated every two days.
The Ruthless Seven Minions doesn't have real mechanics so don't expect hard challenges on these fights.
The final bosss, Ferumbras' Mortal Shell, have the same mechanics as global and can be faced every seven days. Also needs to have sealed the ritual of every previous boss with teleportation rod.
All bosses guarantee to loot silver and gold tokens.
First Dragon Quest It's enabled every day of the year.
The final boss have it's damage and health improved to make a harder challenge.
All bosses can loot silver and/or gold tokens.
Forgotten Knowledge Quest Same as global, including enabling enabling each teleport at Halls of Hope and Imbuiments.
Each boss can be repeated every 24 hours and have the same mechanics as global.
After defeating each boss, used old imbuing shrines to enabled powerful imbuiments bonuses.
The Last Lore Keeper can be repeated every seven days and have the same mechanics as global.
All bosses guarantee to loot silver and gold tokens.
Grimvale Quest This quest have some modifications and is also known as The Curse Spreads Quests:
Just head to all bosses and face them, then report to Daniel Steelsoul to claim your reward.
When Feroxa appears, it's no need to do the access.
All bosses can loot silver and/or gold tokens.
Heart of Destruction Quest You can access each portal without need to slay 10 creatures on the surface.
The vortex changes every 3 hours between Ankrahmun, Svargrond and Zao.
You need to kill the first three bosses with same mechanics as global, in order to proceed to the next two bosses.
Anomaly, Realityquake, Rupture, Outburst and Eradicator can be faced every 20 hours.
World Devourer can be faced every seven days. After defeating this boss, powerful imbuiments of strike, void, vampirism and epiphany.
All bosses guarantee to loot silver and gold tokens.
Hot Cuisine Quest Same as global, but this event is enabled every day of the year.
Liquid Black Quest The first stage consist in delivering the crates, which will allow you later to face each boss.
The following five days, the second stage will be enabled. A chance to spawn Jaul, Obujos, Tanjis or none of them will be executed every day.
You can enter each boss room (if you have delivered enough crates on stage one) to check which boss appeared, and then leave the room without having problem to enter again.
You can even take damage on the boss, and quit the room trough the portal and enter again while the boss has not died yet; but if the boss dies, you will no longer be able to enter the teleport again.
Oramond Quest Same as global, but there is no need to ask for promotion to Marvin.
Catacombs requires 50 oramond rights.
Glooth Factory requires 300 oramond rights.
Oramond bosses ask voting points to be faced.
Roshamuul Quest The task deliver mortar has been disabled.
To active Mawhawk you will need to use 50 silencer excretions.
In order to block Sight of Surrender respawn for next day, you will need to use 20 crude horn with a mouthpiece.
The Secret Library Quest Asuras Mirror, you just need level 250.
The Order of the Falcon, do the respective ritual on Wyvern Mountain at Edron. By walking trough the boat at beach, you will unlock fast access trough Farmine.
Deathlings Ancestorial Grounds and Sunken Temple are free to access.
The Secrety Library extension on the museum is not enabled yet.
Threatened Dreams Quest Access to Feyrist is for free.
The loot of mainly reward quest items can be looted from Kroazur, which can be faced by any player. This boss can be repeated every 20 hours, and each fight must wait 15 minutes between each player.
Yasir Buying almost every creature product. There is no specific day for his spawn, it's absolutely random. We can meet him at Carlin, Liberty bay or Ankrahmun boat.
Rashid NPC who buying our stuff, we can find him everyday on other location. Without quest we have 75% item price value, otherwise we can do his missions (all in one day) to get complete price from items.
Green (Alesar, Yaman)
Blue (Hauron, Nah'bob)

We can meet these NPC's at ankrahmun moutains, they wont respond us without quest! Also we can buy pernament acess in Store, to trade with djins (using store we can make 2 djins on same character)
Henricus We can ask him about "blessing", to get 5 blessings for 10% higher price. Inqusition Quest is not required, we can meet him in south gate thais.
Banuta In order to use Banuta shortcut you have to complete The Ape City Quest.
Yalahar To travelling and using quarter mechanism you need make quest.
Farmine Children of revolution: Does not require completing The new Frontier Quest first. You can start this quest immediately by talking to Zalamon in Zao.
The New Frontier Quest: You will start this quest at mission 9.
Wrath of the Emperor: Requires completing Children of the Revolution quest first. The quest starts at mission 4.
Warzones I, II, III In order to kill Warzone bosses you have to complete Bigfoot's Burden Quest and get Rank IV.
Oramond Catacombs requires 50 oramond voting points casted.
Glooth Factory requires 300 oramond voting points casted.
Fury requires 500 oramond voting points casted.
Hero of Rathleton last area requires 500 oramond voting points casted.
Secret Library Asura Mirror just need level 250.
Sunken Temple & Ancestorial Ground are free to access.
Feyrist Free acess to any player.
The Falcon of the Order Enter trough Wyvern Cave at Edron, doing the respective ritual.
To enable the shotcurt trough Farmine, you will need to walk by at the boat at Falcon Bastion.

Account Management
Rubini+72,581,472 exp
369, Elite Knight
Nenem+69,786,010 exp
368, Elder Druid
Rodrigobugado+68,770,860 exp
370, Master Sorcerer
Nattank+63,652,243 exp
359, Royal Paladin
Zbugowaniec Szlugar+58,375,132 exp
296, Royal Paladin
Boss Klonio3 spectators
214, Master Sorcerer
Bakot Lvlarn2 spectators
149, Elder Druid
King Domiando Xed2 spectators
137, Knight
Charlover2 spectators
178, Master Sorcerer
Zbylu2 spectators
155, Elite Knight
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